Pass by…

There was an incident today. One friend of mine struggled to find the solution of an issue for a long time. but she didn’t get an idea to solve it. She was trying and eager to solve by herself for that issue.  Almost wasted a half day with that issue, so finally she raised a hand to get away from that issue.

One of my other friends got this same issue few weeks ago,  and he came to her seat and solved for a short while(saving time).

So please dare to pass the issue(in life,work,school,college,Stress.,etc.,) to others, if they can’t solve this issue by themselves, they can pass this issue to others.

This world is full of nice people like you, they already got the  unremarkable scar on their soul from this issue, they know the way to avoid and give a perfect way to solve it. So pass it..!

Sharing is Caring..! Passing also caring..!


–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM

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