Life is a travel…

Life is a travel.!

As you came to this earth for 60 to 65 years tour/vacation(like the people are visiting one place to another place(countries,state,territory,district) ).  Some people’s vacation will end within a short time by accident or unexpected things.

Some people reached in desert area, some people reached in coldest area, some people in greenery area, some people reached in hills area etc.,

But all are same and common by the name of HUMAN.!

We all having same 2 hands,2legs,1 head, 2 eyes,2 ears,etc.,  but the uniqueness in their face by their color,height,weight,etc.,

So everyone have uniqueness in their face and the same ‘uniqueness spark’ should be there with you, try to bring it in front of you.!

Everyone have to spend/enjoy it in your reserved place and to be adapted to your life by what you have it in your hand.

Just enjoy the vacation place until you are here on this earth and try to learn from it and teach it to others that what are the difficulties you have faced during your vacation time in this world.  people would have followed your statement during their difficult time to avoid those difficulties.

So, Do not try to waste your life for other.Just Enjoy your current time and current movement.!

Be Brave.!

–Muthukumar RAMALINGAM



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